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A highly engaging and thoroughly absorbing courtroom drama. . . . Skillfully written.” (5-Star Review)

I couldn’t put this down! . . . a remarkably well-told story of a changing South. It has all the elements of a great novel: engaging scenic description, fantastic character development, and a gripping storyline full of narrative tension. Boll Weevil takes readers from the city to the country, from courtrooms to tobacco fields, and from country clubs to front porches. . . . James Radford offers a provocative commentary on race relations. . . . Boll Weevil is a must read for anyone from the South!” – Anne Marie Todd, Professor of Communication Studies, San Diego State University

A brilliant, page-turning read set in the deep South – an excellent political thriller. . . . I was wrapped in this book as soon as I started reading it. . . . Radford’s style is immaculate, his conversations (with that southern US flavour ‘y’all’) so exactly reflect the way that real people speak that you feel as if you’re watching a movie. The dilemmas are played out in a way that’s gripping yet realistic. . . . Radford’s book is more than just a political thriller and potboiler – this is real literature, and I enjoyed it immensely.” – (5-Star Review)

Honestly loved this book. . . about our yearning to create meaningful change. The characters were deep and compelling. The high school debate team become law partners of Michael and Daniel – I feel like I know them. Jackie and Amber, friends struggling with belonging, motherhood, authenticity, and the sacrifices of marriage. It was funny. It was well plotted. It was so much better than I thought it could be. It spoke to me.” – James Herndon, Head Debate Coach, Emory University

“Radford’s prose is light and descriptive, particularly when evoking the landscape of Goshen County. . . the story remains compelling, and the pages fly by. . .” – Kirkus Reviews

“The plot is absolutely the strongest pillar in this novel, weaving relevant social challenges concretely into the fabric of the narrative. . . . the author’s familiarity with the law, as well as with this place and its dynamics, is palpable and makes it easy for the reader to relax into their hands.” – Booklife Prize

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Highlights from interview with Decatur FM radio:

BOLL WEEVIL is a lyrical portrait of a changing American South. A brash young lawyer returns to his rural South Georgia hometown seeking to gain political foothold by challenging the long-standing County Commissioner for his seat. The young politician soon realizes how little he understands the place and people he seeks to represent. To win, he must first confront his own misapprehensions about a society from which he has long been separated. Second, he must overcome the brutal, desperate means deployed by those in power to maintain their hold.

BOLL WEEVIL is a courtroom drama with themes of racial justice, in the vein of A TIME TO KILL by JOHN GRISHAM and PRAYING FOR SHEETROCK by MELISSA FAY GREENE. It is a homecoming story that both celebrates the rural South and exposes the darkness there, in the vein of HILLBILLY ELEGY by J.D. VANCE or the graphic novel SOUTHERN BASTARDS by JASON AARON and JASON LATOUR.

James Radford is a founding partner of Radford & Keebaugh, LLC., a law firm focused on civil rights and employment litigation. Please visit us at

Here is a video of James arguing the case of Owens v. City of Greenville to the Georgia Supreme Court. This case resulted in a 9-0 decision from the court in favor of James’ clients.

In his spare time, James enjoys a number of creative pursuits. Below is the short documentary, “Crowe’s,” about a beloved chicken shack in James’ hometown of Troy, Alabama. “Crowe’s” was selected for the 2018 Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama.

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