If you have knowledge of hazing at Young Harris College, either because you were subject to it, witnessed it, or knew about it as an employee of YHC, please take a moment to complete the form below.

We represent a student at Young Harris College (YHC) who was the victim of abusive and unlawful hazing practices by a sorority operating on the YHC campus. We also represent two former instructors who experienced numerous acts of retaliation after they attempted to bring attention to the hazing issue. Based on the information we have, we believe that hazing has been widespread among YHC Greek organizations for many years. We further believe that staff and officials at YHC have known about–and even been involved in–these practices, and have allowed them to continue unabated.

You can read the full complaint filed in this case here: Young Harris Hazing Complaint (pdf)

We are seeking individuals who either witnessed hazing practices, were victim to such practices, or who otherwise have knowledge about these issues. This could include current or former students, as well as staff, faculty, or employees of the College, who have become aware of the practices and the College’s response (or lack thereof). We are interested to discover the extent of these practices over the years, as well as to learn the extent to which officials at YHC have known about these practices, and acted or failed to act in response.

We have no intention to publicize the names or information provided to us. However, we cannot guarantee anonymity. We are seeking “whistle blowers,” individuals who are willing to attest to what they witnessed–by written affidavit, testimony under oath, or otherwise. Therefore, anonymous submissions are much less helpful than those by individuals willing to speak out under their own name.

If you have information or evidence that you believe would be helpful as we continue to investigate these issues, please take a moment to complete the form below. And thank you.

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