News sketch from hearing in Lack v. Kersey matter, April 23, 2012.

Below are some articles and TV news clips that capture some of the cases we have worked on over the years. Of course, often the cases that are the most meaningful and important to an individual client are not the type of cases that attract media attention.

Belton et al. v. State of Georgia (Disability Discrimination Suit Brought on Behalf of Georgia’s Deaf Residents0

Class Action Status Granted in Deaf Services Lawsuit Overview of deaf discrimination lawsuit

Burch, et al. v. Young Harris College (Case involving hazing at small Georgia college)

Lack v. Kersey, et al. (Representing student council president in First Amendment litigation against Fulton County School District) Additional coverage of Lack v. Kersey case here.

Shelbayah, et al. v. Georgia State University (Representing Muslim Student Subjected to Harassment by College Professor)

Radford Representing GSU Prof and Student in Discrimination Case

Former middle east institute director and arabic instructor challenge GSU in federal court All For Wearing a Hijab

Islam Case Still Simmers (Inside Higher Ed)

Warren et al. v. Fulton County (Representing County Manager and Investigator Terminated for Disclosing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse)

WSB Coverage of Fulton County Whistleblower Lawsuit

AJC investigation: Employee under investigation, commissioner went to conference

Grantham et al. v. City of Lakeland (Representing former Chiefs of Police fired after refusing to arrest Mayor’s political opponents)

Local coverage of Lakeland whistleblower lawsuit

Representing Public Servants

Coverage of Macon Firefighter Disciplinary Appeals (Video)

Former Superior Court clerk receives $75,000 settlement WSB Coverage of Dekalb County Clerk Litigation (Debra Deberry v. Linda Carter) (Video) 


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