lies-real-housewife-bookI am proud to be representing Angela Stanton in defending against spurious claims of defamation surrounding her 2012 book, Lies of a Real Housewife. Lies is a detailed account of Ms. Stanton’s relationship with Phaedra Parks, a notable Atlanta attorney and star of the Bravo series “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” In September 2012, Ms. Parks filed a suit alleging that the contents of Ms. Stanton’s book were untrue and defamatory. Ms. Stanton, through attorney Eddie Beal, filed an Answer, asserting, among other things, the defense of truth. As the trial date approaches (currently on the calendar for July 18), Ms. Stanton sought additional legal assistance, leading to my involvement. We look forward to proving the defense of truth in court.

We have also filed our own claims for defamation, tortious interference with business relationships, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees. Parks’ lawsuit and the tactics employed against Ms. Stanton and her publisher have undermined Stanton’s ability to market the intellectual property that is her compelling personal narrative.

I followed Ms. Stanton’s story since it broke last year. I watched videos on her website, in which she detailed her story. It struck me as being detailed and credible. When I learned about the defamation case, I was left with the impression that Ms. Stanton was being railroaded by an opponent with far superior resources. That is why I am proud to help. All people deserve access to our justice system, regardless of their economic circumstances. I have no personal disrespect for Ms. Parks. She is a well-regarded member of the same legal community as I am. That being said, people’s backgrounds are complex. And in a country and culture governed by the First Amendment, we are all subject to the free speech rights of others, particularly with respect to information that is factually true.

A copy of the Amended Answer and Counterclaims can be found here: 2013.07.15 Amended Answers and Counterclaims


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